IMG_0212_2Robin Stevenson serves fairtrade filter coffee, a selection of teas and herbal infusions, hot chocolate and tuck shop snacks, sells notebooks, pencils and booklets from the IF SO PRESS and welcomes local readers, artists, writers, students, children, eccentrics and philosophers


The coffee house hosts a weekly philosophy learning circle and songwriting group.

The coffeehouse has evolved out of the Unlibrary and if:book UK projects run at the library in Crouch End, London. We’ve run an all-nighter event for World Book Night with screenings of Fahrenheit 451 and Wings of Desire. We’ve programmed training days on Digital Publishing, the Unlibrary, The Amplified Author and the future of the book place. Call in during library opening hours.

“It’s run by the well known eccentrically dressed Crouch End figure of Robin Stevenson (@raliel). A nicer man you could not meet. Robin explained that unlike his cafe forerunners, he’s running his set-up as a social enterprise.”

You can read the rest of this review HERE and watch Robin talking about the Coffee House HERE 

To give you a feel of what it might be like here is a cartoon by Brian Davis of a meeting he had at the Library Cafe!

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