The IFSO PRESS have pleasure in announcing the following items of Collaborative & Transmedia Literature:

NEARLYOLOGY.NET  How do the things we nearly do influence who we really are?

What Didn’t Quite is an evolving transmedia novel by Chris Ifso, written as a practice-based PhD at Bath Spa University.


IN SEARCH OF LOST TIM, a magical musical graphical digital fiction by Chris Ifso.


An installation based on the piece was produced for the Time Machine, Bath, 2016.

Chris Meade, In search of Lost Tim from alldaybreakfast on Vimeo. 

& Next… THE PERCUSSIONS. In 2016 Chris was a member of ACADEMY INEGALES, experimenting with improvisation incorporating spoken word.  Now he’s developing these ideas for a new work in progress. Further details soon.

A PICNIC HAMPER made by THE IFSO PRESS with THE JERWOOD ARVON MENTORED WRITERS.  Written over one summer week using Google Docs and Facebook, the site contains what we wrote and the conversations we had around what we wrote. Watch this space for the next collaborative writing project with Ifso Press & Jerwood Arvon writers.


THE IF:BOOK NEW MEDIA WRITING PRIZE & THE DOT AWARD FOR DIGITAL LITERATURE. Explore current and past winners and shortlisted entries for these amazing awards showcasing digital possibilities for literature.


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