SET POETRY FREE – A collaborative anthology for young poets

We are the ifsopoets
Our aim is to liberate the poems you study at school.
We want them whispered shouted sung spoken out loud
Remixed, replied to, argued with, illustrated, illuminated…
Spread via podcasts, twitter, blogs, leaflets, posters…
Pinned up in places, popped into pockets…
We want set the set texts free!
Do you agree?
Will you join us?

Featuring new writing by poets W.N.Herbert, Inua Ellams and Saradha Soobrayen, plus classic poems by Wordsworth, Blake, Frost and many more. Set Poetry Free is currently being piloted in three schools, funded by the Clore Duffield Foundation. We recommend it as a resource for teaching poetry at Year 8/9. It can be used with a single class, a group or even a whole year.

This literature happening consists of:

  • 3 e-communiques, pamphlets that can be read on-screen or printed out. These include classic poems with challenges to students to respond to these in different ways.
  • Introductory video for students from the IFSOPOETS and 2 webpages linking to other digital content.
  • A toolkit containing 40 stickers and 6 A5 postcards, and the info you need  to send a portfolio of students’ work to the who will send back individual feedback on the work produced. Price for the toolkit is just £195.

To order your toolkit use the contact form below

Funding for IFSOFLO PRODUCTIONS FOR SCHOOLS has been provided by the Clore Duffield F0undation through its Clore Poetry and Literature Awards.


Download the e-communiques HERE: Set Poetry Free

Download teachers’ notes HERE: SPF teachers notes


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