Ah Brown Skin

when you leave your Brown Skin, I will lay you out and blade for each inch of your feral

pelt and copyright it as my super-cool Coat

of Love – I being blue for your loss

must wear you, but when the Blue Crew

are up for partying like it’s 2099, when you

come into catwalk vogue

so the Blue Crew get all feral for a pelt like yours, will I care for those who’ll flail

for your fad replicateable


Ah Brown Skin Brown Skin

if I

was cornered to reveal your image to one in the Trojan Horse of his life so long

and become so pale, so death-pale,

I’d blow him into a shock

by riffing on how you’re the face

that was fired by the molten volts

of the earth when between

the sheets

went Ms Light

and her Mr Night!

Daljit Nagra

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