Please join the Ifso Community.

We intend to publish new work here, work on transmedia projects and publications, and hold regular salons, public readings, workshops and retreats.

We’d love to hear what you think of what you read here.

If you’d like to contribute more we’re looking for:

Articles by academics readable by non-academics. Topics: play, cultural geography, digital culture, collaboration, issues around age and the relationship between generations.

Short pieces which introduce readers to your digital literature, web based art, piece of music etc. This could be a context-setting preface or the prequel to your story or…whatever you feel best warms people up to your work.

Short pieces starting ‘I nearly…” Talk about something that didn’t quite happen and still matters to you.

Poetry, short stories, memoir, art etc. on in-between states and spaces.

Sadly we can’t afford to pay contributors – but we can offer Diplomas in Nearlyology!